Newry Garden Center Accidentally Grew And Sold Marijuana


A family run garden centre was dramatically swarmed by Newry PSNI this morning after its owner had been inadvertently harvesting and selling marijuana for nearly seven months.

Purchasing the seeds every week from a stall in Newry Market, the owner of Cherry Cottage Nurseries on the Aghnamoria Road was selling the illegal plants believing them to be a crossbred herb from Asia good for baking and herbal teas.

An officer from Newry PSNI told Newry Spud:

“We’ve spent the best part of a year believing there was a new drug kingpin in Newry. If we knew it was a 73-year-old woman with cataracts and an Ireland’s Own subscription we wouldn’t have been so heavy-handed.

“I do regret using the tazer on her, but those are the hazards of the job”.

Now on bail pending a court appearance, the owner said:

“I did notice that our new clientele didn’t look like your average weekend gardeners, and that our monthly turnover increased from around £1,500 to about £800k.

“The police have taken it all, it’s very upsetting. Thank goodness I still have that line of herbal gear from my supplier in Barcroft.”