Joy As Newry Gains Another ‘PT’ On Facebook

Newry man Tony Fatspatrick is now a ‘Personal Trainer’ after adding the two letters ‘PT’ beside his name on Facebook.

Tony who weighs in the region of 28 stone has become a sensation in the Newry Leisure Centre with his unique workout methods.

Tony told Newry Spud:

“Well, I am not the fittest of men to be truthful. But I see a lot of others Newry bais on Facebook putting ‘PT’ beside their names and I know they couldn’t run 100 yards without fainting, so, I thought, fuck it, I will give it a go. I now have a client list of 20 a week and it is growing and growing.”

Tony’s methods include walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes while he dangles a Friar Tuck’s chicken burger in front of you with a fishing rod. Anyone interested in Tony’s workout just enter ‘Tony Fatspatrick PT’ in Facebook.