Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

A Newry Fuck Boy with ripped jeans is probably some kind of heavy duty construction worker or something we can reveal.

Given the state of his jeans it’s only conceivable that he must be out in building sites on his knees and legs all day long doing hard manual work to be able to fuck up his jeans so badly.

However Newry Spud spoke with one Fuck Boy Ben Morgan who asked not to be named and he told us:

“Manual labour? No, no, don’t be silly this is the new craze man. Basically I buy my jeans ripped then go home and rip the fuck out of them even more so basically my dangly balls and knob are the only things not visible to the naked eye. Then I wear slip on plimsolls with no socks and everyone thinks I’m absolutely gorgeous, totes man.”

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