Newry Facebook Users Love Emoticon Buttons Reveals Study


Newry Regional College have carried out an in-depth study to the effectiveness of the recent new Facebook emoticons and found that everyone loves it when it comes to expressing sympathy to friends.

“It’s great!” said Dan O’Hare, a local Facebook user. “When my mate’s Granny died this morning, I was worried that I was going to have to express my sympathies using language – and that would take forever!

But then I realised that the recently added features let me just use a cartoon man with a teardrop to let them know that I am sad. No need to engage with my emotions and attempt to communicate their complexities using burdensome words!”

Newry College Professor Liam Smith told Newry Spud:

“We all know that humans are capable of only six emotions and can only experience one emotion at a time so people can express love, like, amusement, excitement, surprise, sadness, and anger with the click of a button. These options are sufficient to cover any response any individual is capable of having.”