Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021


Whispering a prayer for the victims of Thursday’s attacks in Orlando’s Pulse gay nightclub, Facebook user Pearse Quinn has solemnly removed the rainbow flag filter with the ‘We are Orlando’ slogan from his photo, a feature of his profile since Friday.

Newry Spud spoke to Pearse a 26-year-old plumber about his decision:

“The people of Orlando were counting on us to superimpose the Rainbow flag in their most desperate hour. I stand with Orlando and America at this time. ‘Hashtag’ he added, head bowed.

Experts say that applying colour filters to profile photos is a normal part of mourning, but that leaving the filters for too long can be unhealthy.

The humble Newry man dismisses any suggestion that he is a hero for applying the Rainbow flag filter by adding:

“I only did what any normal Facebook user with a few seconds of idle time would do. I just hope that by taking a stand, I inspired someone to donate some blood or something.”

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