Camlough Man Save’s Child’s Life By Typing ‘Amen’ On Facebook

A Newry man has saved the life of a dying boy by simply typing ‘Amen’ in the comments section on Facebook it can be sensationally revealed today.

Serial ‘Amen’ typist Paul Garvey told Newry Spud:

“It’s great news we saved this little boy’s life, the power of typing ‘Amen’ into the comments section is really sacred. I also typed ‘YES’ under a picture of a load of money so tomorrow I am basically guaranteed to find wads of cash under my bed. Thank you Facebook.”

However we spoke with one man who thinks it’s all bull-shit, Damien Beattie told Newry Spud:.

“Look if the child gets better then it is simply down to the advancement of medical science not these wankers typing ‘Amen’ under distressing images of poor kids. I think anyone who types ‘Amen’ under a photo should be brought out on to the middle of the street and kicked from one end of the road to the other. Amen to fucking that.”