Quite an unusual political occurrence has happened in the Newry area today with the erection of a banner seemingly from both the PSNI and Irish Republican group éirígí welcoming  the usually anti PSNI lobbyist Stephen Murney to the PSNI as a new recruit.

Murney who was sent to jail largely due to political policing from the Newry PSNI will become the PSNI’s expert on protests and white-line picket demonstrations in the area.

A PSNI spokesman told Newry Spud:

“We are delighted to have Mr Murney on the right side of the law for once, he will be a valuable asset to us and we look very much forward to working with him.”

Mr Murney was not unsurprisingly unavailable for comment today but he has indicated he will make a signature long rant about it on Facebook with a few photographs of PLFP heroine Leila Khaled and also release a statement via the éirígí website.