Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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A distraught and distressed Newry dog has appealed for the safe return of his owner Kevin Lynch we can reveal today.

The Husky dog named Sam who runs every aspect of his owner Kevin’s life has become concerned and has contacted both the PSNI and Newry Spud to help raise awareness of his missing.

Newry Spud spoke with the sad and lonely dog and he told us:

“This is very unlike Kevin; he never strays too far from home. In fact I would be confident to say that this is the first time he has ever done such a thing. His woman Denise and I are in an awful state just praying he wasn’t taken away by people with bad intentions.”

Kevin’s wife Denise who was too distraught to speak in depth but told us through tears:

“He’ll come home when he’s fucking hungry, he always does.”

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