Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Newry, Mourne & Down District Council have planned a piss up in a brewery while they decide to spend a further £35,000 on the ‘Big Screen’ on Newry’s Hill Street.

The screen that is substandard in picture quality and is viewed by an average of 3 people a month will cost YOU the ratepayers a further £35,000 after Councillor’s rubber-stamped more public funds to be spent on the useless piece of shit screen.

The Council have decided to retain the screen for 3 years at a cost of £10,000 per year then a further £5,000 to dismantle the screen.

The Newry Reporter who has been doing excellent work digging into the waste of money say the full total public ratepayers spend on the screen will be £112,000.

Newry Spud asked Council Chairperson Gillian Fitzpatrick how many potholes would £112,000 fill and how many community schemes £112,000 would help fund but she was too busy attending the opening of an envelope somewhere.

Other Councillors we approached where too busy getting their photographs taken stood beside discarded rubbish in some obscure side road or something.

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