Tue. Dec 1st, 2020


The Catholic Church in Newry have taken a brave step forward to healing relationships with the gay community by handing out free condoms at The Newry Pride 2018 parade this September.

As the heads of the Church in the Vatican look on; Newry Priests and Nuns will be mixing with the LGBT community giving pastoral care alongside safe sex advice.

We spoke with the Priest who took the brave decision Fr Peadar O’Phile and he said:

“We want to show the LGBT community in Newry that we accept them. We want to show the world that we love all people, not just the white, wealthy heterosexual people who love preaching God’s word at anyone who will listen but who are absolute fucking hypocrites. We want to say, we are out, we are loud and we are proud.”

Nobody was available from Newry Pride for comment as they were too busy putting on their make-up and fitting into their dresses, though perhaps we should have asked a female member of Pride to comment instead.

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