Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

A Newry child has called the NSPCC after his mother said they were going to have chips and burgers but drove past every chip shop and said she had frozen chips in the freezer at home it has been revealed.

The child who is 14 cannot be named for legal reasons but he spoke to Newry Spud today while still in a devastated state and he said:

“We were in town and Ma said we’re going to have chips and burgers so I thought YES, Friar Tuck’s but she drove past every chippy and when I quizzed her she said she was making them at home as ‘the freezer is fucking full’. I called the NSPCC as soon as I could with the new iPhone 11 she bought me a week ago and they sent the police out to check on my welfare.”

We spoke with the devastated child’s mother who told us:

“He’s one little bollix. I only did the big shop on Thursday and had frozen chips and frozen burgers in the freezer. Maybe I should have made that point more clearly before announcing the dinner plans to him.”

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