Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

ep4f (28)

The newest craze to sweep the Newry fitness community has left one woman with two severe black eyes it has been revealed.

The craze is called ‘Boogie Bounce’ which sees women bouncing up and down on their own miniature trampoline to music which promises to lose the participant weight within weeks.

However poor Julie Heavybaps who took part in the fitness class last week has revealed how the class left her looking like a beating victim.

Julie told Newry Spud:

“I loved the class, but every time I jumped up gravity didn’t really go my way and my big diddies kept hitting me on the face leaving me with two massive black eyes. I hope with time my big baps will reduce in size but for now I just have to wear my husband’s hurling helmet while taking part in the class.”

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