Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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A 4 year old child from Newry has vowed to remain positive and committed to causing his Ma grief after being sentenced to an unprecedented 30 minutes on the ‘naughty step’ he has said.

Peadar Wee-Bollox from Newry was put on the naughty step after calling his Ma a ‘Bitch’ when she turned over his favourite TV programme Paw Patrol to watch today’s episode of Loose Women.

Peadar spoke to Newry Spud:

“I was sitting there minding my own business and the oul doll came into the room and lifted the remote control and turned over to Loose Women. I was really getting into the episode of Paw Patrol and she comes in here thinking she owns the place.

I called her a ‘bitch’ and she lifted me and put me on that fucking naughty step. I want all my supporters and fans to know I will continue to fight for our toddlers rights and will not give in to her tyranny.”

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