Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Morning TV presenter and recently out of the closet gay person Phillip Schofield has made yet another extraordinary admission that he is in fact a closeted Orangeman.

Mr Schofield who admitted to the world live on National TV that he was gay was cited as some kind of hero for ‘coming out’ despite the fact he lied to his wife for nearly 3 decades.

However Phillip Schofield’s latest admission is more shocking that anything. He told ITV’s News programme tonight:

“As well as being a gay man I have also secretly been a member of the Newry Orange Order for about 20 years. I came out as gay first as to not really shock and hurt my friends and family as I know the news of me joining a quasi-sectarian/racist grouping will hurt them even more. I just hope and pray people forgive me for this. I mean for being in the Orange Order not for liking a bit of Willy now and again.”

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