Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

A new book by Russian author Dimitri Boryslev claims Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his Berlin bunker, but instead fled in a submarine with many high ranking Nazi officials to different parts of Newry.

The news comes at a crucial time, as recently released FBI files claim that the US government were aware of Hitler’s escape and his possible relocation to Newry.

It is believed that Hitler made a pact with Irish Rebels in the Newry area that they would let him live in the district if he would share information on superior German weapon technology and stolen treasure locations in Eastern Europe.

We can now reveal that Hitler who changed his name to Anthony Hillen and lived a relatively quiet life in the Burren area of Newry and married a girl from nearby Bessbrook and had a regular stall selling trinkets in Newry market throughout the years before his death in 1978. He was buried in Burren graveyard after a quiet and unassuming service.

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