Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

A Mullaghbawn family are facing eviction from their home after they declared they would rather wear comfortable running shoes than Dealer Boots on a daily basis.

The young family have been left ‘shocked’ and ‘astounded’ at the public backlash they have received after the entire village protested outside their house last night carrying placards calling for their immediate removal from Mullaghbawn.

The brave family spoke to Newry Spud saying:

“We just like snug and comfortable Nike or Adidas trainers, we noticed the strange looks we got while out in public but we had no idea just how strong the rest of the community felt about us not embracing Dealer Boots. We hope we can keep our home.”

A Mullaghbawn man calling for the family to be removed from the village told us:

“They have no place here in Mullaghbawn any longer. They are flying in the face of generations of Mullaghbawn people, men, women and children who wore Dealers. I mean, what next, they won’t want to wear check shirts and flat caps?”

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