Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


It has been a busy week for the village of Hilltown. As we reported last week the village was due to see their first ever Austin Mini Metro, see story here.

This was followed quickly with the news breaking today that Hilltown are expected to get MSN, the defunct messenger service from Hotmail that most Newry people grew up with while the internet was in its infancy.

Because in the general aspect of time that most of us live our lives by, we now use instant messenging services on our phones such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger but that is at least 20 years down the line for the residents of Hilltown.

We spoke with one MSN messenger user from Hilltown Peader O’Phile and he told us:

“I’m finally able to use all the cool new acronyms everyone else uses, like ‘BRB’ and ‘ASL’. “It’s amazing how far people can get when they add a few cute emoji’s to their text when in chat rooms. In reality you don’t know who you’re talking to. I mean, I’m 42, and this kid has no idea!”

He added: “Anyway, G2G, my mum needs to use the phone. That means ‘Got to Go’.


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