Six people including a child have been hospitalised with severe shock after a man claimed he enjoyed living in Meigh we can reveal.

44 year-old Peader O’Hallion had been talking with friends in the nearby Murphy’s pub about their dreams and aspirations, which as residents of Meigh they are forced to drop before even leaving St.Paul’s, when he made the outlandish remarks.

One witness told Newry Spud:

“We were all just having a quiet midweek pint when Peader said loudly that Meigh was a great little place to live in. There was an awful scene afterwards with people fainting and collapsing with heart failure. The police were called immediately to either jail him or section him. A total maverick he is.”

Three ambulances were called and O’Hallion was tackled to the ground and arrested by riot police.

Investigations are now under way as to why the man said what he did, and enquiries are being made to make sure that nobody else in the Meigh area has any positive thoughts, feelings or hopes for the future.