Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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The Armagh County Board has today released Kieran ‘Geezer’ McGeeney after the county’s humiliating annihilation at the hands of Donegal we can reveal.

On top of releasing the team captain of the successful Armagh 2002 All Ireland championship team they have already appointed fierce rival Mickey Harte of Tyrone as his replacement.

Speaking to Newry Spud Mickey Harte said:

“I suppose you could call this fate or perhaps karma for those in the Tyrone senior management team who treated me like a piece of shit on their shoe towards the end. While I take charge of this shambolic Armagh setup I hope that I can at least get them one step further from abysmal mediocrity.”

Meanwhile Kieran McGeeney told us:

“That’s life really. Not much gets me excited. Especially attacking football.”

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