Tue. Jan 19th, 2021


Newry diners who enjoy a bit of grub in McCooey’s Café have reached out to Newry Spud to point out that food served on plates is just as tasty as food served on pretentious wooden blocks we can reveal.

It has been suggested that people from Newry like their food served on ceramic plates as is the norm in most of the civilized western world.

One local diner Damien Beattie told Newry Spud:

“I can forgive the fact that she only gives me one sausage in my fry but to serve food on wooden boards is unforgivable really. It’s not like we are in some fancy place like Omeath or something, its Newry for fuck sake.

When I got a Panini last week on a wooden block I thought maybe she got mixed up and wanted me to help her with a bit of joinery work in the shop but no, alas it was the ‘plate’. She needs to remember she’s only a wee farmer from Newtown, not Fanny Cradock.”

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