Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Newry and international rap artist MC Bigroll is to fly to Hong Kong to act as an international mediator between the protesting Hong Kong public and the China government.

Bigroll who is not usually known for his diplomacy has been asked to come in and show some leadership from his time dealing with internal gang feuds in the Newry area.

MC Bigroll told us:

“I’ve been asked by the UN to intervene in the Hong Kong protests. I believe I can take the experience I gained while dealing with the 2018 rap gang war between Barcroft and Derrybeg.

If my efforts in diplomacy fail I can always bust out a tune or two. I have always found that my biggest hit ‘Newry Crew’ has the ability to both make people shut up and throw themselves off a building in equal measure. Yee-Haa.”

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