Sun. Feb 28th, 2021
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After Newry Spud revealed plans of the Killeavy residents to erect a Steven McDonnell statue in Meigh we can now also sensationally reveal that the people of Mayobridge have started a campaign to have a ‘Benny Coulter Shrine’ erected in the grounds of St Patrick’s chapel.

A spokesman for the ‘Benny Shrine’ group told Newry Spud:

“After seeing the beautiful Roman statue of Stevie McDonnell erected in Meigh we thought it only fair to erect some kind of shrine for our hero Benny. We think putting it in the chapel grounds will give us as a small community a focal point to meet and pray to Benny.”

We spoke with Steven McDonnell about the plans to erect a shrine to Coulter in Mayobridge as he was admiring and cleaning his own statue in the centre of Meigh and he told us:

“I don’t have a problem in principal about them building something for Benny. He was always in my shadow as a player and now in our retirement I think he at least deserves something as a small reward.”

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