Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
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A Mayobridge man still wears Cool Water aftershave we can reveal.

Ciaran Shitty-Boots believes he’s still current and ‘hip’ by wearing the aging aftershave that reminds most over 30’s of regret and bad decisions.

Ciaran told Newry Spud about his fragrance choice saying:

“I love Cool Water. It has always stood by me through the decades. It has a fresh yet crisp smell with tones of cedar wood and lavender. I never go out without it splashed on and I always get the shift to be honest.”

Ciaran’s friends have spoken about his aftershave choices saying:

“Ciaran still wears Kickers and Adidas button up tracksuit bottoms so yeah, he’s pretty much stuck in the 1990’s.”

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