Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

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There will be no more televised talent shows on Irish TV it has been revealed today.

Instead anyone who can kinda sing and has half a decent note in their empty head will now have to sing in the ‘Maxi Taxi’ the brainchild of Dundalk taxi driver Mark ‘Maxi’ Kavanagh.

Several videos of singers have gone semi viral in Ireland of the Dundalk man asking passengers to sing a song while he records it from a video recorder on the dashboard.

Simon Cowell spoke to Newry Spud this morning saying:

“We now concede there is very little point of us taking Irish contestants on to our show, Maxi seems to have it covered to be honest. The ‘talent’ that sings in his taxi is sorta ok, kinda.”

Maxi spoke to Newry Spud ironically from his taxi while singing:

“Class stuff. I am the new Simon Cowell of Ireland and I love it. Anyone that wants to sing in my taxi, call Maxi, yeeooo.”

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