Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


For the second time in a year, McCooey’s Café have had an apparitional appearance of local cyclist and celebrity Marty ‘Bogroll’ on one of their items.

As we reported back in January the image of Marty appeared on a slice of toast at McCooey’s an act of divine inspiration or a clever marketing tool from McCooey’s? We will probably never know. Toast Story Here

This time however the image of Marty Bogroll has manifested itself in a cappuccino from McCooey’s sending thousands of people to flock to the local Café to be in the presence of what they call a ‘Jesus like’ experience.

Liane McCooey the CEO of McCooey’s International Coffee Houses told Newry Spud:

“We don’t quite know how or why Marty Bogroll keeps appearing on our products. It is something that we are quite proud of and he is welcome in here anytime as he has become a saviour of sorts. Many of our customers now say weekly novenas to St.Martin of the Bogroll in the Cathedral and then come here hoping or perhaps expecting that they will get a hot coffee or slice of toast with Marty’s image on it.”

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