Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
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On their first official visit to the North of Ireland today Prince Harry and his wife to be Meghan Markle¬†will meet up with Sinn Fein’s Liz Kimmins for a ‘fair dig’ after Markle found out about her future husband’s long time love affair with the Sinn Fein beauty.

It is thought the pair will meet in Jennings Park for a scrap that will hopefully put all bad feelings to the side.

One Windsor Castle insider told Newry Spud:

“We’ve heard that Ms Kimmins has been looking for this fight and Madam Markle has said she will fill her in with a few right hooks.”

However Kimmins is being trained by Charlie Casey who told us:

“There’s going to be two bangs here today in Jennings Park, Liz hitting thon floozy Markle and her hitting the floor. Liz is ready to take her on, we’ve trained hard for this day.”

Meanwhile it’s been revealed that Prince Harry just wants to take the two ladies in his life to the Marine tonight for ‘a jolly good knees up’.

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