Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

Newly elected Councillor Gavin Malone has hit out at the council after claiming he was ‘robbed’ of the position of Chairperson after Sinn Féin’s Charlie Casey took up the mantle as Newry’s First Citizen this week.

Malone in a hard hitting interview with Newry Spud claimed he ‘deserved’ the position and has a ‘clear record’ of public service.

Councillor Malone told us:

I simply can’t believe I wasn’t chosen to lead the council. Ok, most people have spent more time on the toilet than I have in public office but for fuck’s sake, Charlie Casey? Again? Really?

I’m currently speaking with my legal team about taking this matter to the human rights court in The Hague. I don’t think I can stick another year of life under Charlie Casey’s rule. He’s worse than fucking Gaddafi baah.”

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