Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Newry’s Daisy Hill Hospital has confirmed controversial plans to open a brand new Madden’s Pub within their accident and emergency department, which they say will be pouring pints to patients by the end of February at the latest.

Expected to be placed just to the left of the entrance near the ambulance bays, the mini version of Madden’s will offer patients the usual specials on a variety of buy-one-get-one-frees on pints and half’uns.

We spoke with Daisy Hill manager Dorothy Morton who said:

“The NHS is about offering the best possible care to its patients, even the ones who spit in your face because you’re trying to stop the bleeding coming from their eye socket. By offering them a Madden’s Pub to sit in keeps queues down and staff safer”.

A spokesman Maddens’ told us:

“We will be continuously running a 20% off any drinks promotion to any patient who arrives at A&E as a result of drinking in our Mill Street pub”.

And if you can prove that the shard of glass wedged in your forehead was sustained during a bar fight in our pub, it’s free beer time for you”.

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