Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

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The owner of Madden’s pub in Newry has taken it upon himself to do his bit to prevent the out-of-control drunken violence that’s plaguing the pub by putting a boxing ring in the back beside the smoking area.

Other local pubs are now copying the model that Madden’s have created and surprisingly the council is getting behind the initiative.

Newry Spud’s Crime Correspondent Rob Banks spoke to Sinn Fein’s Liz Kimmins:

“It’s a fantastic idea. It cuts down on serious injury and saves the ambulance service and PSNI resources when two people just put gloves on and get in the ring and bate the dung clean out of other. Plus, it is great free family fun entertainment.”

We spoke to the owners of Maddens who told us:

“We’ve got mouth guards, head protection and a regulation ring. No fucking around with us here. First blood wins then we all get on with it and go back in to the pub and have a pint together.”

On Friday night there was an argument in the pub between Harry ‘4 eyes’ Smith and Liam ‘Fat belly’ O’Hanlon ending in a dramatic row in the ring. One eyewitness told us:

“Big Harry struck Liam with a terrible right hook and fell on top of the poor bastard. By the time we pulled him off, poor Liam was speaking Chinese, his brain was that swollen.”

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