Lofty Larkin’s ‘Rubber Head’ Entered Into Oxford Dictionary


One of Newry’s most famous son’s has made it into this year’s publican of the concise Oxford English dictionary it has emerged today.

‘Lofty’ Larkin’s famous ‘Rubber Head’ has been entered as an ‘Affectionate salutation to another person.’

Other ‘Loftyisms’ were also considered for entry to the official language of the English spoken world such as ‘Black Bastard ya’s’ usually said to passing police.

We spoke to Lofty about his ‘Rubber Head’ getting in to the dictionary:

“It is quite flattering to be honest. I always knew one day it would get official recognition and rightly so. I will be in Eason’s next Saturday signing copies of the newly released dictionary. Now, fuck off Rubber Head.”