Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

A local entertainer who claims to sing the best version of ‘American Pie’ EVEN claiming his version is better than Don McLean’s was threw out of his last gig in a small Camlough pub we can reveal.

Decky ‘American Pie’ Harbinson was in the middle of his set when he made the extraordinary claim to the crowded room of 2 men, one dog and a sheep in Doyle’s Pub.

One onlooker Paul Watters who asked not to be named told Newry Spud:

“Decky has it in is head that he’s the best singer in the land but his claim that he sings American Pie better than Don McLean angered the two men that gathered to watch him last night in Doyle’s so much so that they threw him and his guitar out on the road.”

We spoke to Mr Harbinson and he told us:

“I don’t get it. My version of American Pie is without question the best version ever played. It is quintessential Americana.”

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