Tue. Dec 1st, 2020


Local potheads will gather in the Armagh City Hotel on 15th of September for the Northern Ireland Premiere Screening of the award winning documentary, ‘Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution’ they have said.

The CISTA party (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol) will be hosting the event and have asked that all Newry/Armagh dope heads attend and get fucked up after the screening.

Organiser John Jointman told Newry Spud:

“We want to show that for medicinal purposes cannabis is a life saver for those that are in chronic pain however like the vast majority of us we just want to get stoned (LOL).

If you want to come along we would encourage you to take all the cannabis you have, grass, green, whatever, we are going to put it all into the middle of the floor and have a dance around it before rolling the world’s biggest, fattest joint and we will all get fuck faced. All welcome. Totally man.”

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