Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

A kind hearted Newry man has said he will cook every house in the Ballybot & Barcroft area a feed of cabbage, boiled ham and spuds after he grew the world’s largest cabbage we can report.

Kieran Donaghy the professional vegetable grower from the city has reached the pinnacle of his career with the massive cabbage.

Local Independent Councillor Gavin Malone told Newry Spud:

“To say we are proud of Kieran would be an understatement. It’s not too often that anyone from this district reaches the heights and the international acclaim Kieran has with this whopper of a cabbage.

I have no idea however how to fuck he’s going to afford to get the spuds and ham to feed every starvo in Ballybot and Barcroft unless he asks me to perform a Jesus like miracle like with the loaves and fishes but I only do miracles on really special occasions.”

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