Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Confusion has surrounded the newly launched ‘Newry SDLP Youth’ wing as one man from the outskirts of Barcroft has been labelled as its new leader despite not knowing what the SDLP even stands for.

Local car enthusiast and a founding member of Newry Young Pioneers Society Jordan Morgan has contacted Newry Spud to ‘clear his name’ after being named as the leader of the newly formed youth group.

Mr Morgan told us:

“I would like to categorically announce that it is Jordan Poucher not Morgan who is involved in this small quango and I have no part at all to play in it. While I admit that I help Mr Pocuher from time to time in community endeavours I am not involved with the SDLP or their Youth movement.”

Meanwhile Jordan Poucher the OC of the SDLP Youth told us:

I will be on the ground tonight dealing with anti-social elements.”

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