Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

A local man is being hailed today as a superhero after an act of selfless bravery that was witness yesterday we can reveal.

John O’Reilly was sitting at home enjoying a cup of tea and a cream bun when he witnessed two wild donkeys that were on the road and causing a hazard to drivers. John jumped into action to save the day.

Mr O’Reilly told us:

“I saw the two donkeys out on the road causing bedlam. So without one thought to my own safety I threw on my flip-flops and ran onto the Chancellors Road to guide the two distressed animals into a nearby field.

Some are calling me a hero and I suppose I am in a way but I don’t really want any official recognition or anything. Well, maybe a plaque or something on the roadside to commemorate my actions would be nice.”

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