Sat. Dec 5th, 2020


A young Camlough man and internet comedian Anthony Feehan has been praised for bravery after turning up at a recent awards ceremony dressed in a comedy dickie bow it has been revealed.

The event was for the ‘Pub Of The Year’ in which Mr Feehan’s place of employment ‘The Yellow Heifer’ was for some unknown reason asked to attend.

Mr Feehan told Newry Spud:

“I just thought I’d lighten the mood of the evening. Usually these events are boring so I thought I’d crack out my comedy dickie bow and wear it at the event. I got a lot of big laughs from the rest of the people at the awards but most of them were behind my back.”

Another attendee Orla McGivern told Newry Spud:

“You just cant take that little shite anywhere without him making a pigs ear out of everything. He looked like a fucking clown from Duffy’s circus with thon dickie bow.”

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