Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

Scientists have been meeting in south Armagh for the past year secretly according to leaked documents from the Home Office we now exclusively reveal.

The meetings were in a desperate and futile attempt to try and discover the reason for Forkhill and as to why anyone would either choose to go to this ‘barren and desolate’ backwater.

The leaked documents suggest that Forkhill may be in fact a prehistoric region untouched from dinosaur times.

One scientist who worked on the papers said:

“We really are stumped on this one. Why would a sane or normally rash humanoid people seek to live in such a hostile and unwelcoming environment?

We are still working on how they as a species because that is what they are, a subhuman species if you will, how do they survive the extremes of life in Forkhill and can they communicate with the outside world? We are close to finding answers but it is an extremely dangerous place to carry out scientific research.”

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