Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


An isolated group of Irish Freedom Fighters that had never heard about the IRA Ceasefire due to a radio failure has finally given up armed resistance after an official visit from Sinn Fein’s Conor Murphy.

The group of four men had been hiding in a tiny uninhabited farm house in Crossmaglen for more than 30 years after they were on a mission back sometime in the 1970’s with weapons and an immense stock of ammunitions.

Their radio stopped working a few hours after their arrival, effectively cutting off the men and its leaders from the rest of the world.

The four survivors are under medical observation at the moment in nearby Daisy Hill Hospital, as the shock of returning to a normal life could be overwhelming to most of them.

Officials have already announced that they would wait a few days before breaking it to them that their old comrades in Sinn Fein is now in effect administering British Rule in Ireland.

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