Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Well boys..I’m sitting here with a sore ring. King’s curry clean burned the hoop of me last night. I’m looking out the windey and Kev next door is waving his mickey at me. It’s not even an epic looking mickey.

He wasn’t long putting it back in when I got my Polaroid camera out the dirty bollox. I’ll use it to tell him to tell his woman Sharon McCcuntFace to stop playing Michael English when’s she’s ironing.

This week I had to go over to the clinic with my four wee uns; Britney, Skakira, Elton and Bruce Lee. All named after four famous people. Bruce Lee was a bit of a surprise. I went to Ken’s one night and James was serving behind the counter and he asked me if I wanted a Roger?

Hello!!! you don’t look a ride in the mouth. I wasn’t long pulling my white skid marked knickers down around my ankles.

Only realised afterwards he was looking to rent a room off me. I’m trying to get as much as I can out of the clinic for free. Selling calpol, medicine, you name it on the side when I go up to Dundalk to see Big Jim.

I met Big Jim at Bingo one nite. He’s the bus driver. The women were all getting excited about 90 balls and I was getting excited cos Big Jim was dangling his set in front of me. Hes 68 and apart from that a rides a ride. You can’t see it if you turn the lights off.

Must go now till next week …

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