Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Controversy has surrounded the ‘Johnny Murphy Petting Zoo’ with the leak of a distressing video showing a goat in obvious and clear distress.

The goat affectionately known as ‘Lucy’ was taken to a local vet according to the petting zoo’s Facebook page. However news is coming through that Johnny Murphy are giving out FREE goat burgers at the ‘petting zoo’ and are calling them ‘Lucy Burgers’.

An insider in Johnny Murphy’s told us:

“This is quite a hard time for us all to be honest. When Lucy took ill and was sent to the vet we knew it wasn’t going to be a great outcome. But we are very industrious up in this part of south Armagh and we live by the moto ‘waste not, want not.’

To that end, if anyone would like a free burger in memory of Lucy then just call up and you can have a little reminder of how lovely Lucy was in life and in death. I loved seeing Lucy run around the tiny prison we made for her but to have her in between two baps with a clatter of red sauce and onions is far better.”

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