Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

The DUP’s South Down MLA Jim Wells told a gathering in Newry on Monday night that children can’t be allowed to think that ‘Ginger-Haired’ people are normal. He lambasted all his political opponents for having Gingers on their staff and accused them of being un-British and “red-friendly.”

Mr Wells told us:

“There’s no excuse for accepting people with abnormal hair colour in today’s day and age. They can always dye their hair to fit in. It’s the British way.”

The south Down farming & fishing Protestant community Mr Wells addressed all signed pledges that they were not now, nor had they ever been “friendly to Ginger-haired people.”

It is thought Mr Wells is setting a record in the amount of disrespect aimed at large voting communities particularly Gays, Catholic’s and Muslim’s or anyone who is not white British and now the poor Gingers.

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