Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

The Armagh football legend and quasi-demigod from Killeavy Steven McDonnell has said he will wear a blonde wig for a month if Derry beat Armagh in tomorrow’s Ulster Football Senior Championship clash.

With little to no football being played because of the Corvid-19 pandemic there is little to pick between both sides which makes the Kileavey man’s stunning claim even more bizarre.

We spoke with McDonnell from his Kileavey home where he was watching a DVD of Armagh’s one in a row 2002 team. He told us:

“I’ve no reservations about saying I’ll wear a wig if Derry beat Armagh. Derry have as much a chance of winning as Pastor Barrie Halliday has shaking hands with the Pope. I definitely think Armagh will win and will probably win the All-Ireland, maybe.”

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