Tue. Jan 19th, 2021


Big names from the world of fashion have descended on the city of Newry today for the annual Northern Ireland Fashion Week. Held in the Canal Court Hotel, hundreds of local models are given the opportunity to show off their winter wear to the rest of the country.

Fashion critic Lisa Peacock said: “The event is now considered to be an important day on the fashion calendar.

“We love how the people of Newry have a flagrant disregard for mainstream fashion by wearing Reebok Classic’s and popper tracksuit bottoms. And it’s great how the girls stick a middle finger up to the conventional ideas of the popular image by persisting with the mono brow and orange face tan. It’s exciting and edgy”.

Lisa explained how she has spent the first day wandering the local area speaking with talented but unknown fashion icons.

“I’ve just been speaking with another fashion trailblazer near Dunne’s, who was shopping for groceries in nothing but her pyjamas”.

“I asked if her shopping in a onsie and slippers was her way of challenging the apartheid against the freedom of expression in public, and she just replied:

“Not really. I just needed some fegs and Corn Flakes and I couldn’t be arsed getting dressed”.

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