Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

A young man from Hilltown’s Main Street who goes by the name of Mick ‘Bomb’ Grant is currently in training for the world’s biggest drinker championships which is being held in Las Vegas next year.

‘Bomb’ started training for the competition from the young age of 15. He is currently ranked as 18th in the world’s rankings after 8 solid years practice. The bricklayer who also drives lorries all over the continent to fund his training regime.

Mick has went all over the world for his training including Magaluf, Zante and most recently San Francisco.

Mick can be found in Mary Margaret’s on a Friday, Mac’s Bar on a Saturday and stumbling out of the Boley Inn late on Sunday evenings.

Mick would like to thanks his biggest influences in life, Hugh John McEvoy and Niall McPolin for their continued support throughout the years.

We would like to wish Mick all the best in the world championships and we have no doubt if he keeps training the way he is at the moment then he will have no problem clinching the title as worlds biggest drinker.

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