Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020


The most sought after Christmas Toy for children in Hilltown this year is the new must have invention the ‘Waterfall Ring-Toss’ a study revealed today.

Most readers over 30 will remember having one of these ‘new’ toys back in the mid 1980’s as it was then as cutting edge as an iPhone is today but the people of Hilltown are only getting this new water technology this year.

We spoke with one set of parents in the heavily inbred village who are also brother and sister as well as husband and wife and first cousins and they told us:

“Our wee Micky wants this new toy everyone in his school is talking about. Apparently some scientists have come up with a machine that is operated by water and plastic rings.

I don’t know what kind of genius thought of this but can you imagine it? An interactive game in this day and age? If we’re honest we are more excited about the new toy than the child.”

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