Hilltown Get Bebo For First Time

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There was a great buzz around Hilltown today with the news that a new online phenomena is to happen within the town.

Bebo will launch in the community for the first time and there was widespread euphoria within the backward inbred area of south down that they will be able to experience the now defunct social media website for the first time.

Hilltown are only getting used to the internet and at present they have only a dial-up connection available.  Thee last survey carried out in the area showed that only 11 people have access to the internet.

However Sinn Fein’s Michael Gray Sloan is excited about the venture telling Newry Spud:

“This will be a great addition to the social lives of the people of Hilltown, it’s not every day that we get access to things that the civilized people of Newry have had for about 20 years beforehand so we are really looking forward to this Bebo thingy majingy.”

One resident of Hilltown Chris Tighthole said:

“Bebo, what, erm, what is this inter web thing that you spake off bai? Sounds complicated if ya ask me.”