Hill Street To Have ‘Walk Of Fame’ Installed


Hill Street will never look the same again it has been revealed today as the council plan on making their own version of the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’.

The first two inductees on to the ‘Walk of Fame’ will be two well-known local celebrities Lofty Larkin and Marty Bogroll.

The scheme which will cost an estimated £289,000 is seen as a wise investment as the Hollywood Walk of Fame takes in over $40 million a year so the council have estimated it will bring in much needed revenue to the area.

Pat McGinn who had lobbied for his friend Lofty to be an initial inductee told Newry Spud:

“It’s a great idea. We need to honour the local characters and legends so who better to begin with other than Marty and Lofty. Obviously, I hope to get my own star too. I mean, I am a 2 time world champion liar.”