Hilarity Ensues After Punter Walks Into Boyles Bookies Dressed As Jockey

There were scenes of laughter today on Mill Street as a punter came into Boyle’s Bookmakers dressed as a jockey we can reveal.

While the rest of the mugs in the bookies were enjoying throwing their ESA & PIP money away a 74 year-old man from Derrybeg walked in dressed in jockey attire complete with whip.

We spoke with the man Pat McCock who told us:

“I’m coming here now for about 30 years doing my bets. If everybody can walk around in Man United, Celtic tops and the like then why to fuck shouldn’t I wear the colours of my favourite jockey?

I know the lads are all having a big laugh but I don’t really give a fuck to be honest. Giddy-up.”