Health officials have expressed shock and distress after noticing thousands of Newry Facebook users are using a Friar Tuck’s filter for their profile photo.

The filter phenomena has been widely used to support countries who were the victims of terrorism or to raise awareness for gay rights and diseases such as cancer and Aids.

However the Friar Tuck’s filter is seen as a step too far for the local authorities who have contacted Facebook to ask them to remove the filter from their website.

We spoke to one Friar Tuck’s fan and Facebook user Rowtunda Bunsagger from her stall in the Monaghan Street Friar Tuck’s who told us:

“Why are they trying to take the filter off us? We want to express our love for fast yet tasty food in the Newry area. I am here 7 days a week and love the place, ok, they have to feed me with shovels and lift me in and out with a forklift but that isn’t the point.”

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