Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020


Haldane & Fisher have conceded and gave their employees their 3% pay increase PLUS an extra day of holidays.

All of this comes of the back of Newry Spud’s story about their plight and our interview with the boss of the company from his Fijian private island.

We spoke with the chief negotiators for the workers Paul Garvey and Colly Johnson they told us:

“First of all we want to thank Newry Spud for their article that got the ball in motion for our negotiations with the top brass.

We went in on a strong footing and faced the top men down. Both of us have since received offers as far and wide from Sinn Fein, The White House & multiple police authorities around the world to become their chief negotiators so its been a great day all round.”

A spokesman for Haldane & Fisher said:

“We’re sorry for any distress caused to the workforce and we’d also like to thank Newry Spud for showing us the error in our ways. We are also giving all our staff a £100 voucher to the Armagh Down pub to get full rado.”

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